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Rihanna outfitted by Givenchy for tour
Monday, 11 March 201318:53

This morning i came across an exciting picture of a Ricardo Tisci Givenchy designed outfit for Rihanna's Diamonds 2013 world tour. Theres something so cool about seeing a custom couture design for a tour that i'm especially looking forward to, even though no Australian dates have yet been announced. I really, reeeaally hope it happens, the fact that it's called a "World" tour gives me hope. As of now the North American, African & European concert dates have been confirmed, (All 70+ of them!) the last of them ending at the end of July- that leaves a whole lot of 2013 for the Asianic concerts ^_^


Here is what Ricardo Tisci said about making Rihanna's chic tour outfit:

"I enjoyed making these looks, Rihanna represents what young and amazing means today. She is punk and talented. She offers intelligence, energy and pure beauty. Rihanna has what every girl aspires to have. She is the face of her generation."
Featuring a parka, the designs play off of Givenchy's Fall 2013 menswear line and have a certain hip hop meets glam appeal — but under the parka Rihanna kept it feminine in a black and white nappa leather bra with gold stars embroideries and gold buckles. That look is finished with a Givenchy shark tooth necklace engraved with "Riri."

Taken from Harpers Bazaar.

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Better late than never..
Monday, 7 January 201307:42

Finally here, posting on my own blog. Feels great except my knowledge of HTML has gone to sh*te. It's redonkulous but i guess this dreary overly simple template shall have to do for now. I really hope this gets saved...GAH
Can't wait to start talking makeup/cosmetics/excitement! That will have to wait till next time.. until then, Stay beautiful xx

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